Three Kaiju Prototypes

About a year ago I thought it would be cool to create giant monsters that the player could climb up. The previous article talked about the climbing mechanics initial robot/IK algorithms that are required to drive the giant monsters. Since then I’ve prototyped several monster “types” and picked three that worked well. They are:

  • A quadruped (turtle)
  • An inchworm/snake
  • A blob/ooze
quadruped ground view

Let’s look at each and see how they’re put together.

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Physics Based Climbing for Characters in UE4

In the previous post I talked about modifying the standard Unreal Engine 4 Character component so that it could climb walls. It worked great for the static platforms and columns I had placed. I figured it would cool to climb up a swinging pendulum. Should be easy, right?

I just make a pile of blocks, make them physics objects hooked together with hinges, and I should be able to grab and climb them.

Well, not really.

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Making UE4 Characters Climb Convex Hulls

Recently I tried updating the Unreal Character so that it could freely climb on blocks. Many modern video games allow for climbing along specific ledges or handholds, but I wanted the character to climb along walls and blocks placed in various (some might say absurd) positions. I also wanted the character to do stuff in a reasonable way: climbing around corners, going over ledges, etc.

I fiddled with several methods to find and “attach” to nearby climbing walls but most of them were unreliable and/or kind of twitchy. When I found one that works pretty well I thought I would write it up here as a summary/reminder.

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