Procjam entry: generating mazes with Penrose tiles

For procedural generation jam 2015 I build a maze generator that uses Penrose tiles instead of the typical squares or hexagon tiles.

I’ve written many maze generators over the years. For example both  Six Spells and Chartreuse Warden generate mazes using hexagons. I’ve always wanted to try some non-standard structures as a basis for a maze, however.

Penrose tiles are interesting because they are aperiodic. Different parts of the tile pattern are very similar but never repeat. Also when you zoom out and view the tiling at a large scale it appears to have fivefold symmetry, which is (I believe) impossible to achieve with regular tiling. I wonder if walking around in a 3D version of this maze would be disorienting since it doesn’t match our typical experience with maze layouts…

Load the Penrose tiling maze generator here on