My final game for OneGameAMonth is my January game Chartreuse Warden.

Play Chartreuse Warden here.

Chartreuse Warden is a maze game with some interesting wrinkles. The maze itself is built on a hexagonal grid instead of the more common square grid. Also, parts of the maze are initially blocked off with obstacles. To overcome these obstacles you must find magical animal shapes located elsewhere in the maze. Specific animal shapes can be used to overcome certain obstacles. The mechanic is very similar to the typical key/door mechanic found in many maze games, with animal shapes substituted in for keys.


This game uses PlayCanvas which is a 3D browser based framework that is built on top of Javascript and WebGL yet feels very much like the Unity game engine in many ways. Since I already have a lot of Unity experience I quickly got up to speed in using PlayCanvas. The main problem was the use of GUI elements. In Unity I use the NGUI library which allows for graphical editing of GUIs in the Unity editor for quick prototyping, and allows me to manipulate GUI elements like any other Unity entity. PlayCanvas has no built-in GUI framework but you can easily layer a browser-based GUI on top of the PlayCanvas screen using Javascript and DOM manipulation. This basically grants you access to all the power and flexibility available in HTML5 and CSS. However, I'm not very conversant in HTML and CSS so making a reasonable looking GUI from <DIV> and <IMG> elements was a struggle.