I make all kinds of games. I like to try various game engines and writing small games is a good way to do that. Unity is used in many places along with PlayCanvas, with a smattering of other things like OpenFL+HaxePunk or Clojurescript.

Some of the games shown here include links to executables or web pages that are playable in-browser. However, several games are too old to run on current platforms, while others are too broken to run at all.

Backroads Lightning

Backroads Lightning is my entry into the Procedural Death Jam. The game involves driving around old dirt roads smuggling moonshine while avoiding interceptor cars. (Local Law? ATF?) The roads are procedural so you get a new road network each time.

Backroads Lightning Screenshot

Chartreuse Warden

Play Chartreuse Warden

Chartreuse Warden is my final entry into One Game A Month.
The game features random mazes with obstacles and the ability to change shape into animals. The use of hexes instead of a square grid adds some variety and the obstacles take advantage of the physics library available in PlayCanvas.

Chartreuse Warden Screenshot

Glow Fury X

Play Glow Fury X

Glow Fury X is my December entry into One Game A Month. The game is not as polished and developed as the original Glow Fury was since I wasn’t as familar with the PlayCanvas platform.

Glow Fury X Screenshot

Grey Plains

Play Grey Plains

Grey Plains is my November entry into One Game A Month. It’s built using javascript and WebGL using the Phaser framework. I tried to take a series of encounters and connect them together in a random order using various items and tags. The game could use a bigger pool of things to draw from, but it’s a good proof-of-concept. I might try to put the random encounter stream into a more involved game later on.

Grey Plains Screenshot

Magic Fog

Magic Fog is my October entry into One Game A Month You can swirl around the fog (more like goop, actually) with your mouse to create magical vortex turbines. These turbines are used to power magical gadgets called “whimsies” which you use to complete puzzles.

Magic Fog Screenshot

Six Spells

Play Six Spells

Six Spells is my September entry in One Game A Month. You wander around a randomly generated map fighting monsters and getting loot. So it’s your typical Action-RPG on an extremely small scale.

Six Spells Screenshot

Battle Bard

Battle Bard is my August entry in One Game A Month. The game takes the standard monster-fighting mechanic and lets you select various chord progressions to produce additional combat abilities.

Battle Bard Screenshot

Laser Balagan

Play Laser Balagan

Laser Balagan is my July entry in One Game A Month. The game board is fairly small so that the AI is fast and characters can be easily moved around. Scattered around the board are various activites such as “Summon Badger” or “Teleport to the Castle”. Each character has some traits (Combat, Science, and Magic) and to activate an activity you have to move enough characters there to satisfy the requirements of that activity. The AI uses exhaustive tree search (like Super Mayhem Squad) so adding or changing game mechanics doesn’t require any modification of the AI code.

Laser Balagan Screenshot

Glow Fury

Glow Fury is my June entry in the One Game A Month. The idea here is that the player (you) uses gestures to perform attacks via dragging and tapping. When you perform a gesture, it tries to decide what kind of gesture you performed (line, circle, squiggly line, etc.) and then also has to figure out which characters are involved in the action.

Glow Fury Screenshot

Super Mayhem Squad

Play Super Mayhem Squad

My April game for One Game A Month. Super Mayhem Squad is a turn-based game written in ClojureScript that runs in the browser. The game functioned as an exercise in writing a full game using Clojure (a lisp variant). When building the computer AI I skipped the usual decision tree or chained if/then statements and instead used an exhaustive search algorithm. This sort of AI avoids the use of hand-written AI rules such as “if an enemy is X, then do Y”

Super Mayhem Squad Screenshot

Shadow Pattern

Play Shadow Pattern

My March game for One Game A Month. It’s a barebones roguelike where you run around, find loot, and kill monsters. Meanwhile, the dungeon itself shifts and changes around you. Defeat the evil wizard to win!

Shadow Pattern Screenshot

Maze Girl

Play Maze Girl

My February Game for One Game A Month. Navigate through mazes of various sizes and difficulty. Includes fairies.

Maze Girl Screenshot

Goblin Shanty

My January Game for One Game A Month. My initial concept was “physics-based QIX” Pile up objects to score points for enclosed areas.

Goblin Shanty

Post-Apocalyptic Unicorn Marathon

My entry into the TIGSource “sports” competition/jam. Race other unicorns across a barren wasteland infested with robots and meteors.

PAUM Screenshot

Ethereal Isles

Originally this was my entry into Ludum Dare number 24. The game was then enhanced and modified for the Ludum Dare October Challenge.

Ethereal Isles Screenshot